Grandpa’s Boiled Fruit cake

Grandpa’s Boiled Fruit Cake

Boiled Fruit cake

Boiled Fruit cake has been one of our best selling and most successful products we have ever offered.

We affectionately call it Grandpa’s boiled fruit cake though after our children’s grandfather created one, just for fun, entered it in his local village fete cooking competition-and won. Flushed and surprised with his award and his home baked masterpiece he then generously offered to produce it for our own cafe business we had just opened in 2007

However after tirelessly making nearly 600 on his own he finally suggested it might be a better idea idea we took over production our ourselves. This we were happy to do.

Faithfully reproducing his original recipe we now make them at our own home based bakery unit here in Suffolk.

We are confident you will certainly enjoy this delicious traditional English cake.

The particular process, as the name suggests, starts with gently boiling the fruit, sugar and spices leaving overnight to cool allowing the fruit to plump up and take on that juicy succulence,the very signature taste of the end product and giving it that lovely moist tangy flavour. Incidentally, Grandpa like’s his Fruit cake with butter on too!

boiled fruit cake

Improves’s with Age!

Grandpa’s boiled fruit cake is a perfect Wedding Cake,  Anniversary cake, or Christmas cake. it be bar shaped, round or square, you decide! And now moving on we are making Grandpa’s Boiled Fruit cake with Port, which is added after the boiling as it cools, it parts a lovely flavour and aroma as it cooks! A huge benefit of this fruit cake that it will keep for 3 months infact it almost improves with age, if you haven’t allready eaten it that is!