BBQ Catering with Roast Pork

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A Roast to Savour

A BBQ is now a popular choice of food for Weddings & Parties, the sights and smells of food cooking on a bbq inspire your tastebuds, eating food cooked outside is a pastime we all enjoy. There’s something magical in the smoky air that excite’s us into a happy atmosphere, one where we’re happy to share and get together.

Traditional barbecue’s have been cooked with gas over an open grill coooking burgers, sausages and chicken legs, but now there’s a wave of enthusiasm for charcoal bbq’s, with that delicious smokey bbq flavour.  We’re more creative now, bbqing has moved on, BBQ’s can be slow cooked Pulled pork cooked for 10-12 hours, or Roast pork served with crispy crackling like a Hog Roast but without all the mess and bones. Charcoal bbq’s now give the option to cook as you would with an oven, so any roast is possible, and with vented bbq’s you can control the temperature with ease, so you can cook low and slow or with heat to sear for steaks. It’s the oven outside!

But if your going to BBQ with Pork what cut should you use, because they are a number of cuts suited to different ways of cooking?

Here’s a brief synopsis of the 3 top cuts.

Leg of Pork: Leg of pork is a large cut of meat so needs to be cooked for a long time. Cooking a 3 kilo leg of Pork in a bbq will take approximately 3.5 hours to cook, but you will have amazing crackling and tender meat. Try to cook to fast and the meat will be tight and tough. Resting is important after cooking after a 3.5 hour cook you should always allow at least a 30 mins resting period.

Shoulder of Pork: Shoulder of Pork is your classic Pulled Pork meat, perfect for cooking low and slow typically over 7 hours, the meat  will fall apart to the touch. Good planning will ensure great results, this is certainly not and an impromptu meal!

Loin Of Pork: The Loin of Pork is and ideal Roast meat to BBQ as it’s size and tenderness are a perfect combination to cook in the bbq. Cooking time should be about 2-2.5 hours plus resting time. Loin of Pork slices perfectly and gives a tasty portion of perfect roast pork.

Bizzibeans uses predominantly Loin of Pork for our Outside Catering, Weddings, Parties, Loin of Pork cook’s in a reasonable period of time, has an amazing taste and gives fantastic crackling, but we also roast leg of lamb which has an equally fantastic taste and is incredibly tender.

Corporate Event Catering, Party catering

Corporate event catering

Corporate Event Catering, Corporate Party Catering

Corporate event catering, cooked from fresh on site in our large charcoal BBQ, enjoy the sites and smells of BBQ food at it’s best. It’s the prefect food for a corporate event, and as experienced caterer’s there’s a huge choice of food available, with minted leg of lamb, which has delicious sweet taste, cooked to perfection, so moist yet with a crispy edge, Roast Pork Lion with crispy crackling, or tender baby ribs in a bbq sauce. We use locally sourced meats including 6 oz Aberdeen Angus burgers and Pork sausages.  We also cater for vegetarians.     Send an enquiry

Bizzibeans are experienced BBQ caterers, specialising in one off events from 70 – 500+ guests, we are able to travel to most places and work in just about any location. We are more than equipped with our own gazebo and cooking equipment, we don’t require power. Our small friendly team look forward to working with you at your event.

2016 Event BBQ Package’s


BBQ Buffet Meal

Roasted Leg of Minted Lamb

6 oz Aberdeen Angus beef Burger

Best Pork Sausage

Vegetarian Kebabs

Mixed leaf salad

Mozzarella & Tomato salad

Potato, Celery & Radish Salad


Roast Pork Lion with crackling

6 oz Aberdeen Angus beef Burger

Best Pork Sausage

Vegetarian Kebabs

Mixed leaf salad

Mozzarella & Tomato salad

Potato, Celery & Radish Salad


6 oz Aberdeen Angus beef Burger

Best Pork Sausage

Vegetarian Kebabs

Mixed leaf salad

Mozzarella & Tomato salad

Potato, Celery & Radish Salad

BBQ D Rib Deal

Baby Rack of BBQ ribs

Best Pork Sausage

Minted Lamb Kebabs

Mixed leaf salad

Mozzarella & Tomato salad

Potato, Celery & Radish Salad


Chocolate brownie & Strawberries

Strawberries & Cream

China Plates




BBQ A  £15.00 per head

BBQ B  £14.00 per head

BBQ C  £12.00 per head

BBQ D  £13.00 per head

Desert £4.00ea



Breakfast in Long Melford, Groupon special

Mini Breakfast, Brunch at Bizzibeans Cafe, Long Melford

Breakfast in Long Melford | Groupon Special

The best Breakfast in Long Melford is Breakfast at Bizzibeans it’s s speciality, and we are proud to announce a special offer in collaboration with Groupon. For a limited period of just ten days you can purchase 2 mini breakfast’s with accompanied by a pot of Tea or a cup of filter coffee, saving a whopping 57% of the normal rate.

The Bizzibeans mini breakfast comprises Beans on toast a Fried free range Egg )cooked in our special low fat, non stick pan which only requires a minute dash of oil) baked beans, a rasher of smoked dry cured bacon, one of our butchers finest best pork sausages and a round of Toast.

It’s a delicious breakfast start to the day which you can enjoy in our cosy Long Melford Café, reading a copy of the Times newspaper or utilising our Free wifi.

As part of the offer you can upgrade the breakfast to a Full English Breakfast, which includes, Fried free range egg, best pork sausage, 2 rashers of smoked dry cured bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, hash brown, mushrooms and toast of your choice.

The price of the special offer is Just £5.99 for 2, a saving of 57% of the normal price of £13.80, a saving of £7.81. Upgrading to the Full English is a further £1.

Bizzibeans have been in Cherry Lane garden centre since 2008, we bake every day, making scones, cakes, light lunches, and afternoon Tea’s.  Bizzibeans also offers outside catering service and specialises in outdoor BBQ catering with  a large commercial charcoal bbq, catering form 50 clients upto 350.


Cooking with charcoal

Cooking with Charcoal

Cooking with charcoal, is Bizzibeans No1 method of cooking at our BBQ’s. when your cooking with charcoal you can acheive much higher temperatures upto three times hotter than gas. The charcoal infuses the food with a delicious smoky flavour which cannot be acheived with gas. There’s something magical about seeing the hot coals as they turn ash grey at there optimum temperature cooking the food. Our new Large BBQ the Carbon Diablo Mastergrill is unique in that the charcoal is located along the front and back of the Mastergrill, leaving room in the middle for drip trays so no dripping fat can ignite the charcoals, and cause flare ups, hence no charred food, just chargrilled.

The Mastergill can cook Roast joints such as Lamb or Pig, even a whole Pig or Lamb upto 35kilo’s, which only take 4 hours to cook. A traditional Hog roast machine takes upto 8 Hours cooking time.

Cooking with the lid down is similar to cooken in a large oven, we offer Jacket potatoes, roast mini new potatoes, whole Salmon, Sea Bass, the list is endless, only limited by your menu!

Wedding BBQ’s are becoming very popular, and they don’t have to be Burgers and Sausages, but cooking with charcoal, minted Lamb kebabs are a particular favourite, very tasty and cooked quickly, they’re very tender to eat. Freshly Carved Roast Pork Lion served in a bun with apple sauce, and offcourse crackling.

But BBQ’s don’t have to be about meat, there’s a whole multitude of vegetarian burgers, sausages, kebabs, Stuffed peppers, Mushrooms, that taste amazing when cooked over a charcoal bbq.

Choosing a Charcoal BBQ for your event, party, wedding will wow your guests, cooking with charcoal, one of the oldest froms of cooking there is. If you are thinking of planning a party, event then give Bizzibeans a call for a professional finish to your event.Charcoal BBQ outside catering

New Charcoal BBQ for Roasts, Fish, Whole chickens

Large commercial Charcoal BBQ www.bizzibeans.netIntroducing the Carbon Diablo New BBQ, 1.5m in Length, will cook a 30-40kilo whole Pig in 4-5 hours. Bizzibeans use this BBQ to cook Rolled Pork Lion, Shoulder of Lamb, Salmon, Chicken kebabs, Gourmet Burgers and off course sausages. But BBQ’s are not just for meat, we also offer Vegetarian burgers, kebabs, vegetables.

We shall shortly be publishing further exciting details for sales and rental of these bbq’s.